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🥗 How we HAVEN'T killed each other (yet)

Hey there,

Welcome back for another bite to chew on.

This time, we're unpacking something close to our hearts—our partnership that has navigated us through the highs and lows of the business world for over a decade. 

We’ve turned visions into success stories while maintaining a bond that goes beyond business.

And somehow, grown even stronger as friends along the way.

Here’s how we make it work day in and day out without killing each other:

(so far)

The Pilot Episode

How did three different paths converge into a partnership unlike any other? 

Our journey began out on Ankit's terrace, working until sunrise on ads and landing pages, all over a bottle of wine. 

Even after a full day running our agency,

Whether what we were working on helped or not,

Everyone was there giving their time.

Those nights weren't just about work; they were about sharing sacrifices and committing to a shared vision.

No matter what the outcome. 

We knew this partnership was destined for something extraordinary.

That's when we started really trusting each other.

Just Come to the Office, Ankit

Our roles and responsibilities evolved naturally.

We all had our individual strengths. 

But what about when we disagreed? 

One of our earliest tests came with the decision to get an office space—a concept Ankit was initially resistant to. 

This disagreement brought to light the hard reality that building a successful business requires sacrifice, structure, and sometimes, compromising to each other's expectations.

Ankit eventually came around and started coming to the office consistently.

(despite his many all-nighters…)

We really saw the business change when we were all there together.

We’re Each a Cornerstone

Our friendship has always been our foundation.

We've put in place mechanisms to address conflicts without harming our relationship.

We’ve set the ground rules as black and white as you can get.

We each have final say over our own domain.

And we absolutely own both the wins and the losses, wholeheartedly.

At this point,

3 brands, a podcast, newsletters, our dinner event series, etc. are all a TON of work and can definitely get out of hand.

So what's the key to keep all of this successful and not lose our shit on each other? 

Mutual respect, honesty, and the unwavering belief in each other's capabilities. 

We are all three fighting for one another in different ways.

Every single person has their moment, 

So it's like we know that the three of us are not going to be firing on all cylinders all the time.

Ditch the Drama

Are you thinking about entering a business with friends? 

Remember these key things:

  • Leave the ego at the door

  • Respect each other's differences

  • And prioritize your friendship 

Our disagreements have taught us that perspective is everything.

Business needs to be business, and your friendships need to exist outside of that.

The Limit Does Not Exist

What's next for us? 

We're focused on leveraging our unique skills to explore new industries and opportunities, always looking to solve bigger problems with potentially larger impacts. 

Our journey together is far from over,

And we're excited for what the future holds,

Both as partners and individuals.

We want to put our heads together and solve bigger problems that have bigger impacts.

All about an even bigger outcome.

Tool of the Week

Mastering partnerships and unlocking data insights are right up our alley,

But when it comes to sales tax?

Yeah… we’d rather just not.

Especially after the Supreme Court's 2018 decision, managing sales tax for out-of-state sales became an even bigger nightmare.

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Numeral is the solution that takes this complex problem and makes it manageable, allowing us to focus on what we love—growing our business and nurturing customer relationships.

With Numeral in our corner, sales tax is one less worry on our plate.

Feeling bogged down by sales tax? Let Numeral lighten the load.


The Latest Soundbite

Shifting from our partnership dynamics to another crucial relationship,

The one you have with your customers—this time, through a data lens.

Our latest Chew on CRO episode with Ned from Endrock dives into using data insights to enhance your E-commerce strategy.

It's a blend of understanding deep connections and the analytical side of customer relationships.

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Thanks for Reading Along

Just as we shared our journey of partnership, resilience, and friendship,

We'd love to hear about your experiences with business partnerships and the lessons you've learned. 

Feel free to share your stories, ask questions, or suggest topics for us to go over.

Here's to building successful businesses alongside even greater friends.

All the best,

Ron & Ash