🥗 It’s Now or Never

Hey there,

Welcome back for another bite to chew on.

We’re going over something that might just tweak the dials of your business strategy. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the "Why you, why now?" question.

It's the question every customer silently asks walking down the aisle or when browsing online.

But most brands focus on the wrong part of this whole idea.

We’ll explain what’s important and how we’re going through this exact thing ourselves.

Let’s get into it.

What’s Up with GAAS?

We’ve been getting a TON of questions and interest about GAAS.

This will be a separate agency from Chew On This that we can’t WAIT to talk more about.

We promise more information is right around the corner.

For now, go follow on socials if you’d like to watch us build this from the ground up,

Open and honestly in public.

The Urgency Emergency

Everyone's got their "Why you" pitch polished. 

It's the "Why now?" that seems to trip most brands up. 

Maxx Chewning hit the mark when he mentioned, "Having a great product is just the prerequisite now." 

Spot on. 

It's about not just having it, but selling it - and knowing when to push for that sale.

We’re talking about transforming that maybe-tomorrow mindset into a take-my-money-now desperation. 

“But why the shift from why buy from me to why buy now?”

If you’re asking this right now, we get it.

Your own value proposition is EXTREMELY important,

But it doesn’t mean jack sh*t if you can’t convince a customer that your value is what they need RIGHT NOW.

Our experience at Obvi has taught us that urgency shouldn’t be an afterthought because

It's what truly will clinch that sale.

You Must Go Deeper

Here's a strategy that has been proven time and time again to work:

Launching a product with a limited stock announcement. "Only X available!"

“Uh, duh.. Everyone does this? This is nothing new.”

Again, we hear you if that was your immediate response.

Now, it’s time to take things a step further.

Once it sells out (and it does, fast), 

Hit them with the "Back in stock, but not for long!" 

It’s a cycle you need to be actively watching and timing to create the most anticipation and loyalty.

If you want to achieve results like the top 1%

You need to do things that the other 99% aren’t.

Plain and simple.

Being creative and going the extra mile puts you way ahead of competitors stuck in the same old patterns.

We’d rather be the rushing river speeding on by

Than the stagnant rocks on the riverbank just growing moss.

And we have a feeling you do too since you’re reading through this with us!

So How Do You Actually Do This?

Creating urgency isn’t just a strategy.

It's an art. 

Here are some actionable ways to weave it into your brand's narrative:

Limited Edition Releases

Nothing screams "buy now" like a product that might not be there tomorrow. 

Whether it's a seasonal edition or a collaboration with an influencer,

Limited editions can drive immediate action.

Flash Sales

Time-bound offers can create a buzz. 

A 24-hour flash sale not only creates urgency but can also break the boring same old same old for your customers,

Keeping your brand top of mind.

Exclusive Pre-orders

Allow your loyal customers early access to new products. 

It rewards their loyalty and instills a sense of belonging and exclusivity.

Advertise this out to grow your community.

Back in Stock Alerts

Use your inventory to your advantage. 

A product going out of stock isn’t the end;

It's an opportunity. 

“Back in stock” alerts make those on the fence jump at the chance to buy before it’s gone again.

Product Teasers

Start buzzing about your upcoming product. 

Hint at the scarcity, make it feel like an event.

Email Exclusives

Give your email list first dibs on new releases. 

It’s like telling them, "You’re in the VIP circle."

Is This Real Life?

We’re doing this right now with our Limited Edition Obvi Orange Mango flavor.

We’ve been launching smaller batches of our collagen flavors for the past few weeks.

These flavors typically wouldn’t be available to be purchased on our store on the regular.

We used to do this a lot with larger purchase orders, but the sell through would take a bit longer than we liked.

This way, they always sell out fast and we can easily see the excitement and engagement within our community.

Tool of the Week

Speaking on things you need to urgently address,

There’s a silent battle being fought every day—dealing with chargebacks and disputes.

It’s a task that not only sucks to deal with, but can also drain away resources and dent your bottom line significantly if you don’t manage it correctly.

Say you’ve just launched a new product, and it’s flying off the virtual shelves.

Everything seems perfect until chargebacks start rolling in, eating into your profits and complicating your operations.

This is where you should turn to Chargeflow.

They transform a complex challenge into a streamlined process.

The traditional way would involve sifting through transaction records, compiling evidence manually, and hoping for a favorable resolution.

All while crossing your fingers that it doesn’t negatively impact your merchant reputation or your relationship with payment processors.

Chargeflow automates this entire process.

Skeptical? See how it effortlessly integrates into your workflow HERE.

It doesn’t stop there either!

Don't miss "The Future of DTC in 2024" hosted by Chargeflow, March 27th, 12:00pm EST

A visionary, virtual roundtable that promises to unpack the next wave of eCommerce strategies, trends, and innovations.


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It’s all about striking while the iron's hot and Alex’s journey is the masterclass you didn’t know you needed.

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Are We Clear?

Timing isn’t just a factor; it’s the driving force. 

Creating a compelling reason for your customers to act now rather than later can dramatically shift the needle in your favor.

The market's flooded with good products, but not everyone masters the art of selling them effectively. 

Implementing the strategies we've discussed can not only enhance your sales but also deepen your connection with your customers.

Ready to put these insights into action? 

We’re excited to see how you leverage urgency to transform interest into sales. 

And remember, we’re here to share, learn, and grow together.

Got a story where creating urgency made all the difference? 

Or perhaps a strategy you're dying to try out? 

Let's hear it. 

Your stories inspire us, and sharing them could spark innovation within our community.

Catch you on the next wave of innovation.

All the best,

Ron & Ash