🥗 How to Rank #1 on Amazon

The strategy that landed us Amazon's top spot

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In this edition, we're cutting straight to the chase.

Let's dive into how we climbed to the top spot on Amazon. 

Our method wasn't what you'd usually think of... 

We used some smart digital marketing outside of Amazon to get there.

It's not as complicated as it sounds, but you need to be consistent.

Here’s what we mean:

Starting From Behind

For weight loss products, Amazon has strict ad rules.

Because we're in the fat burner category, we can't make certain weight loss claims in ads.

So we can't use them to help rank organically on Amazon.

That's why the best strategy is to drive traffic from Meta instead.

Driving Traffic from Meta

We don’t drive traffic directly from Meta to Amazon just because attribution is messy.

Instead, we prefer to send traffic to our website where we can actually optimize for conversions and send data back to Facebook based off of what’s actually converting and doing well.

So, we’re basically running ads from Meta to the website to create an overall halo effect.

The people who will see the ad then go and see if they can utilize their prime membership on Amazon and buy there.

Consistency is Key

In order for us to continue to spend more on Meta,

(the more we spend, the more it drives results for online and the halo effect)

We have to be very consistent in our testing and optimizing our entire funnel on Facebook.

So, What’s Our Approach to Ad Testing?

We test 50 ads a week.

Holy crap! 50?!

Yes, 50.

And we test about ten different angles, trying to hit ten different audiences altogether.

We launch these every seven days.

We promote the best selling ones to our scaling accounts and cut anything that's not working.

And then launch another ten new ad sets and angles.

On top of that, we are testing offers constantly on our landing page.

Seeing what discounts appeal to different people, different price points, etc.

We're also adding additional changes to the landing pages to make it convert better.

Adding additional social proof, maybe offering free ebooks, changing the order of certain things, really testing headlines and copy so that we can improve our conversion rate and revenue per session.

If we see 10-20% increases at a time, that signals back that this is a really good converting landing page.

Which leads to spending more.

The Halo Effect

And as we get to spend more, obviously that translates to more sales online,

And in turn, more sales on Amazon.

More eyeballs on the brand, product, and website.

You either buy on the website or you decide,

“Hey, I'm going to price check that or see if there's other options out there.”

Which is going to Amazon get free shipping, prime, etc.

That's just what happens.

We just know that 10-20% of our sales will leak to Amazon, and it grows as we just increase our spending.

If you try and search for fat burner or general keywords, we don’t show up.

That means people are literally searching for us!

Key Takeaways

You Don’t Need Amazon Marketing to Succeed on Amazon

  • Use platforms like Meta to drive interest and traffic.

  • Make your brand so appealing that people can't help but seek you out, even on Amazon.

  • Keep tweaking those ads. Test new ideas weekly, and don't be afraid to ditch what's not working.

  • Find what resonates with your audience from your consistent and continual plan. More tests mean more data, which means better decisions.

The Bigger Picture

The strategy will evolve as we start to see more visibility on Amazon.

The algorithm will probably push us up a little bit more organically.

When people search for a fat burner or collagen fat burner, we’ll eventually get pushed higher.

Then, that presents an opportunity to rework some of the strategies.

The next thing that we're going to do is seek out how we can get to a point where we can run ads on Amazon.

And the best way to really do that is revisit what the product listing says, right?

Rewriting the claim so it's not super weight loss oriented and more collagen focused.

But you’d know it’s a weight loss product just by looking at it.

After we get around the fact that we can't advertise (yet)

That will allow us to now bid on certain search terms like fat burner, weight loss, etc.

When you do convert for those specific search terms and those ads,

That is a signal to Amazon to increase your rank even more.

So if we're spending offline, we're driving a ton of traffic and signaling to Amazon that we're selling

And we're doing it on platform with Amazon ads itself

That will allow us to get to the top of page one organically.

After we achieve ALL of that,

We’ll be able to pull back a little bit on spend and let things coast.

Because we’ll be showing up on top of the page when people search.

So, that's how this will evolve.

But for now, we'll continuously improve our marketing efficiency across the board.

And as you do that, it lifts everything around it.

Tool of the Week

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