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🥗 Your Thank You Page Should Be Making You Money

The Best Part? — It Doesn’t Cost ANYTHING and you do (basically) NOTHING

Hey there,

Welcome back for another bite to chew on.

Today, we wanted to go more in depth on how we’ve added profit to each transaction without really doing anything.

If we find a tool or solution that kills it for us, we want you all to know about and use it too!

It’s a concept that you see all over Netflix, Spotify and a ton of other aspects of life online,

the difference here is that it’s applied to ecommerce and your business. 

Before we get into that, over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking questions to get to know you all better!

This way, we’ll be able to make content more and more relevant to you. We’d appreciate you taking the time to answer really quick!

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Now, let’s get back into making you more money!

Too Good to Be True

When anyone promises you more profit for essentially no work, it’s always a good idea to proceed with a little caution…

You can let your guard down here though because we’ve used this ourselves and have seen great results with it.

We talked about using AfterSell by ROKT to place ads on our post purchase confirmation page at Obvi a couple weeks ago.

There was a crazy response when Ron talked about the exact numbers,

and you guys brought up some awesome questions and talking points.

Let’s talk about them here!

We always want to pull back the veil and show these things aren’t too good to be true, and how you can use them too.

Any Issues with Dropping Retention? Conversion Leaks?

The LAST thing you want as a business is customer drop off, but you don’t have to worry about that with these kinds of ads.

These offers are shown on the thank you page, so the customer has already purchased and checkout is complete.

There’s no introduction of any conversion leak because the only action left for a shopper at this point is to close the tab.

How Are These Ads Relevant to MY Customers?

In the example we shared, a Hulu ad was placed on the Thank You page of a Burn Elite purchase.

It makes perfect sense to ask how this is relevant because what does Hulu have to do with Burn Elite?

AfterSell uses their machine learning algorithm on an individual customer level, rather than on a product level.

So, the offer will still be relevant to an individual shopper, even though it might not be directly tied to what they just bought.

Their algorithm can determine relevant offers based on what area the customer is shopping out of and what payment method they’re using, among other things. (pretty cool, right?)

Each customer experience is going to be drastically different, adding a more personalized layer into your Thank You pages.

You’re In Control of It All

We’re in the collagen and supplement selling business, not the business of selling data.

One of the main reasons we partnered with AfterSell by ROKT is the fact that customer info is never shared with any third party, including the advertisers.

You’ll retain 100% ownership and control of all your own data.

We control every potential advertiser that can show up.

You can block specific verticals and advertisers if you want!

Talk About a Win-Win

Think of the trust and validity it could add to your brand to be partnered with big Blue Chip companies right next to yours on your Thank You page.

Your customers get a personalized and relevant offer (at a great deal).

You get added net profit per transaction and increased AOV.


AfterSell is essentially middlemanning free conversions using already established brand identities. 

We’re hoping to see you out in Charleston, SC next week (April 29-30th) at the Elevar Summit with a ton of other established brands!

More info and How to Register HERE!

Chew On This is hosting the Official After Party for the Elevar Summit too!

Just like AfterSell’s algorithm, you have to emphasize the importance of understanding your customers and market fit at all different stages:

Put a Bow on It

Hopefully that all makes sense and answers some of the questions out there about how AfterSell by ROKT’s Thank You Page ads work.

Think of it this way:

You see recommendations for shows you might like when you finish binging a show on Netflix.

Spotify creates recommended playlists based on what you listen to.

Why can’t you take advantage of the same concept and provide that same kind of service to your customers? (and make money from it)

The advertiser pays both us and AfterSell, so we don’t pay anything out of pocket to use this.

We’ve seen around 10% click the “yes” button on the offer, equating to about a 15% increase in our AOV.

Once AfterSell approached us about joining the beta for the program and explained it to us, 

we couldn’t think of a reason NOT to do it.

Co-Founders Armon and Dhruv have been amazing setting everything up for us.

Why not test it out and see for yourself? (it’s free)

All the best,

Ron & Ash