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🥗 You're Overlooking this Key Part of Business

Hey there,

Welcome back for another bite to chew on. 

In this edition, we are talking about a cornerstone of not just e-commerce or DTC, but business in general.

Controversial if done unethically, but no one can argue that it isn’t necessary.

We’re talking about networking. 

But not just any networking; we're spotlighting the connections we’ve formed personally and the ones we’ve fostered at our Founder Dinners. 

These events are more than just gatherings; they're the foundation for growth, innovation, and those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that could redefine your path. 

If you need help coming out of your shell, or don’t even know where to start on finding those necessary conversations, hopefully all of this can encourage and inspire your next connection.

Who knows what it might lead to!

What’s the Point?

We've normalized being in solitude, especially post-COVID.

Learning alone without anyone to bounce ideas off or learn from.

The magic happens when we step out of our digital comfort zones and interact in person.

It's about meeting those you've interacted with online, putting faces to names, and diving deep into conversations that could only happen face-to-face.

One thing that’s so special to us about our founder dinners is seeing the people who come back, time and again.

They're the ones we really get to know.

We get to move past the small talk into meaningful discussions about challenges and triumphs.

Want these kind of relationships in your own networking circle?

Here are four actionable strategies to enhance your networking effectiveness:

Embrace In-Person Engagement 

In-person meetings > Digital interactions.

The act of stepping out of your comfort zone, introducing yourself, and engaging in meaningful conversations is irreplaceable.

Networking in person allows for genuine connection and presence.

It offers a unique opportunity to unplug from the digital world while staying connected to the community.

It's about being fully present, listening, and sharing experiences that foster deeper relationships.

Learn and Share with Peers 

Engaging with others to share insights, challenges, and successes not only validates your own strategies but also provides new perspectives and ideas for growth.

At a recent event, I (Ashvin) had the chance to meet and learn from a media buyer at a company I admire, which was both validating and inspiring for my own strategies.

This interaction highlighted the dual benefits of networking:

Gaining new insights to apply to my work and the fulfillment that comes from offering guidance to others.

It's about learning, giving back, and enjoying the community we're part of.

Value of Consistent Community Interaction 

The depth of relationships formed through consistent participation in networking events is invaluable.

It's not just about meeting new people but about deepening connections with those who are regularly part of your network.

This consistency leads to more specific, actionable discussions on mutual support and collaboration.

It reinforces the sense of community and creates a network that feels more like a family.

Rapid Problem-Solving Through Networking 

Networking events are not just for long-term strategic partnerships but also for immediate problem-solving.

We’ve taken advantage of this ourselves!

We needed a landing page coded and developed ASAP back around the time of last year’s holiday party because Ankit was about to go on vacation to India.

He happened to cross paths with a developer at the end of the night and sent over his Figma files.

Literally by the middle of the next day, it was developed and done.

(Thank you Alex!!)

The diverse skill sets and resources within your network can offer quick solutions to urgent problems, turning potential crises into opportunities for collaboration and gratitude.

Creating Connections That Count

These opportunities don’t just appear out of thin air.

No one knows how much work and effort goes into our dinner events like Harry, our Head of Partnerships and the mastermind behind our dinner events.

We’ll let him describe his strategic approach to crafting these events with an extremely important part of networking—outreach, particularly sponsor partnerships.

Take something away and learn from how he approaches and leverages our network to set these events up for success.

“Hey guys, so there's two approaches that I take when I'm doing outreach.

I use two methods. 

For cold outreach, I email a brief about us and our offerings, including our media kit and event schedule

If we have a brand list for upcoming events, I share that to inform them who will attend. 

This often leads to a call to discuss their interest.

For warm introductions, like past event sponsors or those involved in our newsletters or podcasts, the approach is more casual, sharing upcoming events and attendee lists.

Once interested, I involve finance, send a Letter of Intent and invoice detailing the sponsorship package, and request their logo for attendee communications. 

I keep them updated on event details, ensuring they're prepared to engage with the crowd.

So it's quite straightforward.

We essentially handle everything from A to Z, and then they show up and are ready to mingle amongst the crowd.”

Harry Singh

Harry's meticulous planning and the seamless execution of these dinners underscore the importance of quality over quantity in networking,

Setting the stage for encounters that could very well shape the future of your e-commerce journey.

Hungry for More?

We can’t wait for our Chew On This Summit event in NYC on March 14th.

Get more information at the link below 👇

The Latest Soundbite

Another story worth hearing is Noah Tucker from Social Snowball.

In our latest podcast he shares how turning customers into affiliates boosts brand growth. 

His story shows the power of creating affiliate networks in marketing to expand your business. 

A must for anyone looking to grow through community.

Check it out here if you haven’t had the chance to! ☃️

Tool of the Week

As we've been exploring networking and its transformative power,

We’ve described how necessary it is to keep your community connected.

But what about when you can’t meet face-to-face?

Or when you’re trying to connect to your customers all over the country or world?

With email and SMS marketing evolving rapidly

(especially with Google's recent changes for 2024)

Maintaining that genuine interaction becomes crucial.

Sendlane isn't just helping us navigate these changes; they’re redefining how we engage with our network.

It ensures our emails and messages not only reach our community but resonate with them, making every interaction count.

See how they can unite your tech stack for the most important network of all, your customer experience HERE.

Thanks for Reading Along

Remember that networking is the heartbeat of our industry. 

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, events like our Founder Dinners and other networking opportunities are your gateway to forming connections that matter. 

We hope to see you all out at our events throughout the year.

We’d love for you to be a part of our community, where your next conversation could be the catalyst for your brand's breakthrough.

Who knows? 

The next success story we feature could be yours.

All the best,

Ron & Ash